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A not-for-profit corporation with the mission of helping farmers, fishermen and food processors be prosperous and profitable through field services, quality and food safety, and product development and commercialization services.

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AGC’s innovative Research Tool allows you to search past research experiments and results by province, region and crop. This tool allows producers, researchers and other users to access a summary of multi-year research on a variety of crops throughout Atlantic Canada. Full reports are also available.



The AGC is excited to offer a database of research reports on experiments that have been conducted in test plots throughout Atlantic Canada. Reports on barley research can be viewed here.


New farmers and seasoned producers alike can take advantage of the field growing guides and factsheets on common Atlantic Canadian Crops. The wheat factsheet has some interesting details on provincial production, area planted and exports.

Wheat Factsheet


As a component of its objective to communicate the results of its research, the AGC offers a variety of symposiums and research days in each of the Atlantic Provinces. This provides a great opportunity for producers to learn about how their levy dollars are being utilized, connect with local producers and gather information about the results of the research and new trends in the industry. Everyone is welcome to attend these events. If you would like to obtain further information about these events, please contact us.


The AGC issues a semi-annual newsletter on experiment results, regional and industry trends and other important information. Historical newsletters are available.


If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the newsletter as soon as it is ready, please provide us with your email address: