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Starting in 2010, the company has expanded to buy and sell grains, oilseed crops, custom cut and custom dry oilseed and corn crops.

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The Atlantic Grain Council’s focus on research and innovation is illustrated in its extensive research in a variety of crops in the Atlantic region, including barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat . Current research is being undertaken through the Growing Forward 2 program, with funding from the federal government, Province of New Brunswick, Province of Nova Scotia, Province of Prince Edward Island and levies contributed by producers. Results of this research can be found by utilizing the innovative research tool or by reading full reports on individual experiments. The AGC also distributes a quarterly newsletter to members that details current research and industry news. In 2013, the AGC began collecting levies from producers, which has resulted in significant research and on-farm experiments. Please note that when AGC partners with research institutions that charge overhead, AGC will have to follow the policies of its funding partners. These situations will be dealt with on a one-by-one basis.

The AGC is also on numerous committees, which benefits producers by providing them with access to national research and resources. These committees include:

  • Cereals Canada
  • Eastern Standard Committee
  • National Grain Toxin Committee
  • SOY Canada
  • Barley Council of Canada
  • Grain Growers of Canada
  • Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA)

The AGC is also involved in several nation-wide cluster groups, including:

  • Agronomy Cluster

In the past, the AGC has worked with other organizations on the formation of a bio-security plan for the grains and oilseeds industry. In addition, the AGC was active with the On Farm Food and Safety Committee.